Bakery Plus! (Features, overview)

Attention! This is an overview of the features in English, the program itself is still in German language!







A brief overview of the features of Bakery Plus!  (German)  (Spanish)

Compare the features of Bakery Plus! with other programs and then compare the prices! Info: Bakery Plus! is only 499,- + 20% VAT, no maintenance fees, no annual license fees! You can download Bakery Plus! from this web site at any time and try it yourself, demo data is included! Support by e-mail is free of charge!

⇒ It’s a Windows program available in 32-bit or 64-bit, your license is valid for both versions!

⇒ Zoom. The program fits large and small screens, high resolution screens and lower resolution screens thanks to the built-in zoom-feature …

⇒ Enter and print delivery bills, free scrolling in the delivery bill file even years back! Find, copy, delete delivery bills with pinpoint accuracy, etc.

⇒ Print delivery bills in different print forms, a “delivery note = invoice” is also available. Single printout from the  entry window or printing of all delivery bills at once.

⇒ Standard orders for customers with constant delivery (per weekday).

⇒ Collective invoices in 8 different formats, with a print preview option.

⇒ Invoices, delivery bills, baking slips, dough lists and billing journals are automatically stored as PDF documents

⇒ Print preview with many options: Printing, exporting, e-mailing …

⇒ Create reports about the deliveries of a period (up to 31 days).

⇒ Up to 48 price lists, each price list can be assigned to any number of customers

⇒ Final discount at the customer and final discount blocking per item of the price lists

⇒ 4 price types. Per customer net, gross, “Voralberg” or no VAT for export.

⇒ Returns limitation. A tool to get the return goods problem under control.

⇒ Create and print baking slip as selective total of all orders stored in delivery bills.

⇒ Dough list summarizes all items from the same doughs and calculates according to 5 different criteria ready for production.

⇒ Count-in lists and count-in tables. These can be created according to your own definition.

⇒ Payment entry with unpaid items list.

⇒ Outgoing invoice lists and tables according to various criteria.

⇒ Customer statistics and article statistics as an overview of the course and result of the business. everything in net-net values!

⇒ Notes (like post-its) on the screen, integrated in the program.

⇒ Demo data for quick familiarization with the program.

⇒ Repair of all files at the push of a button (in case of database damage)

⇒ Optional: SPAR invoices (OCR) and REWE delivery bills with barcode

⇒ Connection to Cash registers with our Touch Extra! Cash registers

⇒ Easy to learn by yourself! Thanks to an extensive help system and some videos

⇒ Bakery Plus! is intended exclusively as a single-user system for small and medium-sized bakeries

⇒ Free support via e-Mail, but chargeable phone number (0900 – 530 224).

⇒ Data backup / data restore is integrated – however: making backups is the user’s task!

⇒ Full ASCII data export for the IRS (a legal obligation for all ERP programs!)